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Generation Red

GENERATION RED by Alexander Attea  Erica, Alan, Denver, and Trish are the first four people to be born on Mars. They are waiting to find out if they’ve passed “The Test,” which would allow them to go outside for the first time in their lives. To pass the time, they play a game creating scenes […]


OUTPOST by Alexander Attea It’s the day before the Test for young Martian colony residents Aris, Liam, and Jo. They decide to take their mind off the big day by hanging out in an old, abandoned part of the compound — a place filled with history and ghost stories. When the compound’s AI system, MARVIN, […]


SUNFLOWERS by Alexander Attea  Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin share a tumultuous nine weeks living together in the south of France, culminating in van Gogh cutting off his own ear. Meanwhile, the spirits of Jack the Ripper’s victims are looking for a way to express their anger and confusion at their fate. When these […]