Play TitleAuthorCast SizeGenre
Boy With the Wooden Heart, TheBenjamin McElroyLarge Flexible CastClassic
The Brothers Pig and The Flounder and the FishermanGene KatoFlexible 4 and 3Comedy
The Elf Who Lost ChristmasCarol M. RiceFlexible Comedy
Fairy Tales and WomenGerald P. Murphy8M 22W – FlexibleComedy
Fear Pressure and The Dodo ChallengeEvan BaughfmanFlexibleHorror
HamletGerald P. Murphy16+- FlexibleClassic
How to Succeed Against Bullies Without Even CryingGerald P. MurphyFlexible Large CastDrama
Inside Out Barry M.Putt, Jr.Large Flexible CastComedy
The Lady or the Tiger: The MusicalGerald P. Murphy2M 2W. 10 M/FMusical
The Mean Old ElephantDaniel GuytonFlexible CastTheatre for Youth
Old Fashion Teddy Bear TaleGene Kato22 Characters – FlexibleFantasy
Rapunzel and Nun FunGerald P. Murphy2M 4W 3M/W
2M 7W 1 Cow
Olivia TwistGerald P. Murphy4M 10WComedy
Playboy of the Western World: The MusicalGerald P. MurphyFlexible Large CastMusical
Shore HouseKerr Lockhart4-27 actors (FlexibleZ)Comedy
The Tale of the One-Eyed MonsterMeredith Yanchak and
Eddie Zipperer
Flexible Comedy
Teenage Mutant Ninja OrphansGrizzly K. SunshineLarge Flexible CastTheatre for Youth
True ColorsLen CuthbertLarge Flexible CastComedy
Two Tales from GreeceGerald P. Murphy15+ w/ doublingComedy
Where the Wild Thyme BlowsRebecca SalomonssonFlexible CastingComedy

Getting Ahead by Meredith Yanchak

A glimpse into the all too real world of high school academics: Eddie is new to the ultra-competitive world of Northwood High School. While he struggles to catch up to his current classmates after moving across the country, privileged Riley can’t keep up with the expectations placed on her by her family. Meanwhile, Madison – an unexpected talent from a single parent home – is sailing to the top of her class. Riley finds a way to get – and stay ahead – by breaking the school’s academic honor code, and in so doing, takes down an unsuspecting Eddie. 

  • Cast Size: 7M, 10F, 6 any gender (doubling possible)
  • Running Time: Under and hour
  • Royalty Rate: $40 per performance

MANY SNOWS AGO by Midge Guerrera

In story theatre fashion, the play brings the fables of the Eastern Woodland Indians to life. Stories range from the creation of the world, the clans, European Explorers to ritual. Many Snows Ago is based on the extremely short tales of the Lenape and other Eastern Woodland People. The dramatization and embellishment of these tales was done to engage today’s young audience while still imparting the wisdom of this noble group of people. Perfect for schools and actors of all ages.

  • Cast Size: Large Flexible Cast
  • Running Time: Under an Hour
  • Royalty Rate: $40 per performance

Shakespeare and the Muses by Rebecca Salomonsson

William Shakespeare is having a bad day. After a bad review, he doubts his ability to write. As he laments his choice to be a playwright – and considers turning to glove making like his father – he is visited by the nine Muses of Greek mythology.  The Muses guide him through the stories that will become his source material for new ideas and leave him feeling inspired and ready to put his quill to paper again. Shakespeare and the Muses is an exploration of Greek mythology, Shakespeare’s works, and the question of where writers get their ideas from. 

  • Cast Size: Flexible cast of  9 M/ 12 F +Ensemble
  • Running Time: Under and Hour
  • Royalty Rate: $40 per performance

Strange Happenings at the School Library

by Jenny Lyn Bader and Martine Sainvil

A school goes into lockdown during the pandemic and the librarian moves in. But suddenly the books have changed. The Greek gods are having a zoom meeting, Tweedledee and Tweedledum are practicing social distancing, and Rapunzel is building a social media following — and that’s just the beginning. Strange Happenings follows the librarian as she unravels a literary mystery in this delightful comedic adventure for all ages.

  • Cast Size: Large Flexible Cast
  • Running Time: 60+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $40 per performance

This is Not a Drill by Laurie Allen

“Lockdown!  Lockdown!  This is not a drill.”  When the announcement is made over the speaker, several high school students rush into an empty classroom and lock the door.  There is no teacher – just them.  Students who previously ignored each other in the hallways are now forced to communicate and band together to survive.  Personalities clash and tensions rise as they deal with the unknown.  Will they open the door when someone knocks and pleads to come inside?  And most importantly, will they come out alive?

  • Cast Size: 9 M/F (Roles can be either gender)
  • Running Time: Under an Hour
  • Royalty Rate: $40 per performance

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