Next Stage Press is proud to offer plays written by our

Non-Binary artists that speak to the Non-Binary community.

A Godawful Small Affair: A Play in Two Rooms

Jodie and Nessa, a twentysomething lesbian couple, are put in an unexpected U-haul situation; their neighbor Luca, a touch-starved, non-binary stoner, is visited by the alien angel ghost of David Bowie. A pandemic rages outside. A wall separates them, but they’re all about to be connected, sort of. Can a relationship become routine if there’s nothing else? Can life? And can a change in routine become a blessing? A relatably messy, kind of sad, kind of hopeful, and deeply intimate play exploring touch, longing, time, and routine in the age of Corona, and what the pandemic has done to us. And also David Bowie.

It’s Confusing, These Days: An Election Week Companion

After a summer full of tumult, time passes more normally again for neighbors-turned-throuple Jodie, Nessa, and Luca. When the pandemic hits close to home on the eve of the most important political week of the year, an unexpected road trip to maybe say goodbye is in order. Capturing the messiness of Election Week 2020, this short play functions as a bonus third act to “A Godawful Small Affair” and explores anxiety, hope, fear, and the generation gap between millenials and their boomer parents during a politically-fraught week in a year unlike any other.

It’s hard to label anything, especially when you’re in love. And everything starts looking queer as one chosen family decides what it truly means to choose each other.
As some battle the pitfalls of coming-out again under a different label, others realize there isn’t an LGBTQIA letter that completely fits at all. But sometimes what matters most is discovering what’s between the letters and celebrating each other along the way.

  • Cast Size: 2M 4W 1NB
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

Gender non-binary theatre has a long and diverse history, yet modern stages scarcely spotlight its stories. Beyond the Binary: Eight Non-Binary Plays changes this by presenting short plays from non-binary playwrights that intersect with race, class, religion, politics, and pop culture. Audiences can meet Joan of Arc, hear toys talk, visit New York City, feel the heartbeat of a family, and more – all through the lens of non-binary playwrights. These pieces can be assembled into an evening of theatre that centers non-binary experiences, or they can be broken up and integrated into larger events. They are also ideal for classroom use and individual inspiration. The plays contained here are a love letter to non-binary joy, and they can’t wait to celebrate with you.

  • Cast Size: Flexible
  • Running Time: Flexible
  • Royalty Rate: $75 for the whole evening, contact for individual plays

Brought back to their childhood home to care for their ailing grandmother, young prodigal playwright Sloane and their botanist husband Gwyn are struggling to settle the estate after their lives are uprooted by tragedy. A sudden spiral of Sloane’s obsession with completing their masterpiece in the unsettling old house forces Gwyn to confront the safety of Sloane regurgitating their family trauma into their art. When Gwyn’s childhood friend Beckham arrives to help the couple bury the hatchet, they soon discover there may be more to the house, and to Sloane, hidden beneath the foundation. If the basement is the stomach… then what’s the basement door?

  • Cast Size: 2M 1W/NB 1NB
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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