All Angela wants is a happy Christmas–or a more exciting life–but her daughter’s left for college, her husband’s obsessed with fantasy football, the plumbing’s a mess, and her cat won’t stop peeing where he shouldn’t. Mom May thinks she should get a hobby–or a handyman–but a run-in with old friend Kelly leaves Angela aspiring to the thrills her pal gets from social media. Before long, Angela’s giving Candy Crush lives to high school sweetheart Billy Sweeney, despite Kelly’s warnings that Billy’s a guy who uses shouty caps and the wrong form of your. Ignoring the danger signs, Angela invites Billy to fix her pipes, and the former prom dates find themselves bonding over flip phones as they color Christmas pictures by the fire. Their nostalgic bliss is interrupted by an ominous phone call from Kelly, but not before Angela’s cat and her husband catch them in the act and force everybody, including May, to adopt a healthier relationship with technology.

This play was workshopped at the 2015 Hormel Festival of New Works at Phoenix Theatre and the third place winner of the Pickering Prize for Playwriting Excellence.

  • Cast Size: 2M 3W
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

Kevin D. Ferguson’s A Christmas Carol is a faithful adaptation of Dickens’ novella sure to please any fan of the original Christmas-time ghost story and amaze younger audience members new to the telling. Full of authentic Victorian Christmas carols that conjure the Yuletide mood, this family-friendly telling of the classic story nevertheless maintains the spookier edge of this cautionary tale. Come follow Ebeneezer Scrooge as the ghosts take him on a journey of redemption sure to put the “fa la la la la” in everyone’s holiday.

Cast Size: 9M 5W (with doubling)
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $75 per performance

It’s 1944 and while the boys are off at war, families are curled up by their radio sets to catch an extra special Christmas radio broadcast with WLAG’s New York radio star, Max Tyrone. The cast and producers of the local weekly live radio show, including the lovely Welsh Sisters, are all abuzz as they prepare to present Christmas in the Airwaves. Max is home for the holidays to sell the family farm, before heading back to the Big Apple. When news breaks of a major air strike, attention is turned to Europe as Gloria Welsh worries about her fiancé, serving as a pilot overseas. It’s a hometown tale of love, loss, and the things we hold most dear. 

  • CAST SIZE: 5M 4W Plus Musicians
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

Two intertwined holiday plays that take a different look at the famous Christmas legend of Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer. 


Rudolph is being bullied so he runs away from the North pole.  But when a super big storm  comes, and Santa can’t ride without him, Rudolph needs to trust in his friends to get the help he needs to get back in time.


A holiday tale that reveals how Rudolph  continues helps out  others by sharing his personal story of triumph. When he meets Suzie McSneezer, an elf who feels worthless because of her constant need to sneeze, he shares a glimpse of his past.  A wonderful friendship begins that is sure to inspire and bring holly red cheer and evergreen to all.

  • Cast Size: Flexible
  • Running Time: Each under an hour
  • Royalty Rate: $75 for both shows, $40 for each

Jerry is having the worst Christmas season ever. When he loses his job as a newspaper film critic for panning a blockbuster film that was made by his boss’s son – he’s not sure he can survive the holidays. In an effort to cheer him up, his girlfriend gives him an old lamp that just happens to contain a genie – who grants Jerry five wishes. As each wish takes him farther and farther into disaster – Jerry begins to worry that the odd number of wishes might come back to haunt him in the end. 

Cast Size: 3M 2W 1 M or F
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $75 per performance

Mamma Mia – La Befana?! weaves the ancient Italian Epiphany tale, La Befana, into a contemporary American setting. Could the fun loving sixty-something Nonna from Florida really be the thousands of years old scruffy old woman who on January 5th delivers gifts to the good children and coal to the bad? The answer becomes evident as Nonna/Befana uses her holiday magic to find her lost and injured granddaughter, Mary.  Every January, La Befana finds all the Italian children in the world, this year she finds one very special Italo-Americana, her granddaughter.

  • Cast Size: 3M 4F
  • Running Time: Under an Hour
  • Royalty Rate: $40 per performance

Mrs. Dilber, Scrooge’s maltreated housekeeper in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, meets Marley and the Spirits of Christmas before they haunt Scrooge, and sets off on a past, present and future adventure of her own in this subversive and hilarious reimagining of the classic Christmas story. 

  • Cast Size: 11M 11W 11GN plus Ensemble (Casts of 9+ with doubling possible)
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

THE STORY: On the Expectation of White Christmases takes place in 1975 suburban New York from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day.  It tells the story of Mary, an 11-year old girl who is waiting for her long-estranged father to show up for a Christmas dinner reconciliation.  Mary lives (quite uncomfortably) in her Irish grandparents’ house with her mother Katherine.  Her Nana, the unquestioned authority in her home, is decidedly against the prospect of hosting a dinner for the man who abandoned her daughter and pulls no punches in letting Mary know exactly what she thinks of him.  Mary waits fruitlessly for her father’s arrival with her promised bike, but dinner and the rest of the night go by. When the father finally appears drunk at 3 in the morning, the entire family is forced to confront very real Christmas ghosts.With equal parts humor and pathos, On the Expectation of White Christmases explores the trials of familial love, hope and redemption. 

Cast Size: 2M 4W 1G
Running Time: 90 minutes
Royalty: $75 per performance

Stud Ducks and Horny Toads follows the misadventures of Milton Day and his grandson, Russell, as they blaze a trail of bull$#!+ across West Texas in this All-American comedy of warmth, wit, family, and taxidermied lizards! 

Winner of the 2003 KCACTF Region III One-Act Playwriting Competition.

Winner of a 2005 KCACTF NST Fellowship for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Playwriting

  • Cast Size: 4M 2W 1B
  • Running Time: 90 minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 performance

Twelve short interconnected plays based in modern day France at Christmas time. Twelve stories set in Paris, Brittany, Normandy and Provence which weave together wild boars and hunters, swans on the Seine, partridges in plum trees, lonely lovers and more… 

  • Cast Size: 2M 4W w/ Flexible Casting
  • Running Time: 60+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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