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Many Snows Ago

Many Snows Ago by Midge Guerrera In story theatre fashion, the play brings the fables of the Eastern Woodland Indians to life. Stories range from the creation of the world, the clans, European Explorers to ritual. Many Snows Ago is based on the extremely short tales of the Lenape and other Eastern Woodland People. The […]

Wanda, The Girl Who Cried, Witch!

Wanda, The Girl Who Cried, Witch! by Midge Guerrera Wanda, lives on a hilltop with her family and a herd of goats.  She is incredibly lonely but none of the kids in the valley are interested in being her friend.  It is Halloween, the day witches dance in the forest, and the perfect time for Wanda to […]

Email 9/12

Email 9/12 by Midge Guerrera During one of the most horrific tragedies our nation has ever faced, our keyboards kept us connected.  Email: 9/12 demon-strates how sharing, grieving and even allowing a spark of humor to fly through cyberspace helped America get through the painful aftermath of 9/11.  Unnamed actors play all the characters that responded to Margaret’s e-mail […]

New Releases

2022 NEW RELEASES ALL TOGETHER NOW by Philip Middleton Williams Paul and Adam are a gay couple living together happily in Miami.  One morning the doorbell rings and in walks Fox, age 15, just off the plane from Santa Fe.  He tells them that he is Paul’s son and that he wants to live with them. To […]

Coming Soon

COMING SOON!! New Plays that will be released in the coming months (Release Date Subject to Change) SEPT 2022 FleshEating Tiger by Amy Tofte Helvetica by Katie Coleman Many Snows Ago by Midge Guerrera The Milky Way Cabaret by Greg Romero The Sci-Fi & Horror Play Pack: Short Sci-Fi and Horror Plays for Student Actors […]

5 Character Plays

5 Character Plays ANGEL’S MICE AND MEN by Cindi Sansone-Braff Cast Size: 2M 3WRunning Time: 90+ minutesRoyalty Rate: $75 per performance This romantic comedy, set in the summer of 1992, features four lonely Long Islanders, each with their own distinct viewpoints about life and love. Angel Ventura, or the Widow Ventura, as her younger sister, […]