by Elijah Vazquez

Sulking under a bundle of balloons, a woman sits on a bench. Out of the blue, another woman joins her. One of them claims to know the other, yet the feelings are not reciprocated. Through the tension of small talk, questioning and silence, many shocking truths unfold as they both try to figure out the purpose of this mysterious encounter.

  • Cast Size:2W
  • Running Time: Under an Hour
  • Royalty Rate: $40 per performance

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About the Playwright

Elijah Vazquez is an Orlando based playwright who graduated from Niagara University with a B.F.A in Theatre Performance. Some previous experience with playwriting includes several readings, publications, productions and completing an advanced playwriting independent study course focused on the dramatic form, the Theatre of the Absurd. He has taken many philosophy classes that influenced his writing as well, along with a theatre criticism classes which he analyzed and commented on many theoretical manifestos from Brecht to Grotowowkis to Hugo to Esslin, which helped shape his thoughts about the essence of theatre and the manner on how to construct plays. All he wants is to provide glimmers of hope, wherever it may be.

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Amazing play for females

There are few plays that have two strong female roles like this. It is perfect for women of all ages from high-school and beyond. Strong monologues for auditions. I finished it in one setting. There were so many twists and turns. I’ve never read a play like this. 10/10 recommend.

11 months ago

Great script

Loved reading this! Plan on using some material for an audition! Thank you.

11 months ago
Richard Gould


This play is wonderful. Intense. Instantly had me thinking and asking WHY?. It had me looking at the quick psychological ups, downs and turnarounds of the characters. The ending was totally mind grabbing and unanticipated. Held my interest totally. This production would be well worth the time and effort.

11 months ago

Iconic, ground breaking, best play i’ve ever read.

11 months ago
Tiffany Coleman

Fantastic Read

As a drama teacher, I am adding this to our collection for our plays for females. It has amazing monologues for our class to use. Amazing read!

11 months ago
Jesus Gomez

A Breath of Fresh Air

Lovingly crafted and elaborately detailed. This writer truly knows the weight of words and how to articulate them in such a way that it cant help but provoke ideas and spark inspiration from his pages. A must read.

11 months ago

jax lee review

After reading this play by Elijah Vazquez I realized there was a lot to unpack! The story of two different women coming together sharing one moment in time is so beautiful. Often times we don’t typically see or hear the women’s side of the story as most narratives are told from a male perspective or having the male actor be the main focal point of the play. However in this play we are exposed topics such as to queerness, rejection, and assault through the lens of these two women. The duality of the two characters was so beautiful to watch unfold throughout the play as we saw a charming yet tragic ending. Elijah did such a great job for truly immersing the reader and audience into this world where we felt apart of the action.

10 months ago

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