CHILDREN’S LETTERS TO SATAN (and Other Horrible Scribblings)

by John Busser

What do Mother Teresa, one bad driver, a man telling tall tales to his granddaughter, a missing golf ball, a brand new car, a hero running out of time, the misspellings of children and Satan himself have in common? They’re all fodder for the not-quite-right mind of writer John Busser. These seven one-act plays take you from Calcutta to Mexico, with side trips to golf courses, hospital waiting rooms, suburban homes, and car dealerships. Oh, he’ll also take you to Hell and back for good measure.

  • Cast Size: 6M 4W (Gender Flexible on some roles)
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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About the Playwright

John Busser is an actor/writer/graphic artist from the Cleveland area. He is the co-runner of Cleveland Public Theatre’s writer’s workshop, The Dark Room, which helps new and seasoned playwrights test drive new work. He is the author of over 90 short plays, some of which have been produced throughout the US, Canada, the UK and most recently, Australia. He is also a cast member of the long running FLANAGAN’S WAKE, now in its 12th consecutive year at Playhouse Square. 

He is also living proof that 100 monkeys with 100 typewriters still can’t write anything as inane as his usual fare. He accepts this, and so should you.

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Bob Kilpatrick

It doesn't get any weirder.

As an actor, I find it an exercise in concentration to keep from breaking up while performing a play by John Busser. This collection is no different. Busser has a quirky yet relatable sense of humor. I especially love the waiting room one act where a grandfather tells the most outlandish tails to his impressionable grandchild, but like the child, you may start believing the tails have some validity. The Admission stars Mother Teresa in her more candid moments and you just pray that God has a sense of humor. All of these plays, including the attention grabbing Children’s Letter to Satan, are sure fire laugh-getters and will provide a fun night of theater for you and your audience.

12 months ago
Philip Middleton Williams

Sick, And I mean that in the best way.

Twisted, weird, hilarious, and a tad — scratch that — just plain bizarre with a generous helping of Hitchcock, Serling, Lenny Bruce and Marx Brothers make up this collection of short plays by John Busser. Take them one at a time or all at once, either way you will enjoy them to no end. I can’t imagine what this would be like fully staged, so that is what must happen here.

12 months ago
Donald E. Baker

Quirky, unique, delightful

John Busser has, to say the least, a unique sense of humor–quirky, off the wall, over the top, a little naughty, and utterly delightful. All of that is on display in this collection of seven hilarious short plays. Get it, read it, and enjoy a good laugh–or seven. Or, better yet, produce any one, or ideally, devote an evening to all of them, and enjoy hearing your audience laughing themselves silly.

12 months ago
Evan Baughfman

Mischievous and masterful!

Nothing “horrible” at all about these scribblings! Seven outrageous and fun plays, each one its own twisted bit of dark comedy. A killer collection of scripts that, when produced together, would make for a singular theatrical experience!

9 months ago

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