by Darrin Ingram

A poignant and often funny slice-of-life piece, set in a park over a period of four days, where the central characters, a retired old man and an autistic park keeper, navigate the diverse personalities of the park regulars.  When the well-intended actions of the park keeper cause the tragic death of a little boy, the park keeper becomes overwhelmed with guilt, frustration, and despair.  The old man helps the park keeper find hope through the grief so they can bring comfort to the mother who lost her son.  Sage is a heart-warming and heart-breaking story that reminds us of the value of differences and the importance of every little human connection.

  • Cast Size: 6M 3W 2 ANY
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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About the Playwright

Darrin Ingram has been working in professional theater since he was a child; predominantly a performer early on, but later as a writer/director/producer.  A graduate of the American Musical & Dramatic Academy (NYC), his performance career includes TV, Film, Off-Broadway, National Tours, Equity Regional theater and even his own Children’s Theater company, Right Side of the Brain Productions.   As his experiences grew, so did his love for the art of creation within theater. He has written and directed several award-winning shows, including the critically acclaimed Sage as well as Good Night, Jimmy which is being adapted for film in 2023.  A Co-Founder of the performance education company, Star-Ing Act Productions, he has been lead Producer on a number of recent productions and is in development for several more.  Although his love for the theater is clear, his heart truly belongs to his family who have supported and even joined him on this road.

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Donald E. Baker

Profound and Memorable

This is a wonderful play about how casual encounters can lead to profound connections. Just as life comprises comedy, tragedy, grief and hope, so does this play. The old man at its center is a great role for a senior actor, and the characters that surround him all have playing weight of their own. It would be a credit to any theater that produces it and provide a memorable experience for everyone involved, most especially the audience. It is simply great work by Darrin Ingram.

1 year ago
Craig Houk

Simply Brilliant

Ingram brings us a beautifully crafted piece which thoughtfully navigates life, laughter, love, loss, regret and hope. Flawlessly constructed characters, three dimensional, each lovingly realized and all of them intrinsically linked to the central character like planets to the sun. An easy to stage play that will pack a wallop. Highly recommend.

1 year ago

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