Shore House

by Kerr Lockhart

SHORE HOUSE, a suite of 10 short plays set in a resort cabin, the kind that high school seniors rent after the prom or graduation. A play for and about young people on the cusp of their new life, plays about moving on and growing up — who will and who will not. The plays incorporate a wide variety of character types and genres from romantic comedy, to taut drama, to farce. Each play has between 2 and 4 actors, and the entire evening can be performed with between 4 and 27 actors.

  • Cast Size: Flexible,
  • Running Time: 2 hrs
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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A gift for college theatre programs and…young artists

Doug DeVita on Aug 31, 2020

“SHORE HOUSE is a gift for college theatre programs, and new theatre companies created and run by young artists. And not just because the 10 plays that constitute this work only require one set and provide juicy roles for up to 27 young performers, but because Lockhart has provided 10 sharp, witty, touching, funny, and sad plays that perfectly capture the feelings, the concerns, the emotions, and the lives of teenagers during that magical and frightening summer between High School and College. A terrific collection that will make a wonderful evening. ” – Doug DeVita, playwright and former Artistic Director of the Westside Repertory Theatre, O’Neill and Barrington Stage Burman Semi-Finalist, listed in Ken Davenport’s Top Ten “Producer’s Pick List.”

An immersive and engaging evening of theatre

Chris Gacinski on Aug 31, 2020

“ As my first foray into Lockhart’s work, I was genuinely pleased with “Shore House.” This piece is made up of ten separate short plays, all occurring in the same setting. These stories Lockhart tells blend beauty, melancholy, and comedy to provide an immersive and engaging evening of theatre. This piece is perfect for universities with small budgets, and has amazing roles for college students! ” – Chris Gacinski, playwright and published poet.

A perfect piece for young actors

Phillip Middleton Williams on Aug 31, 2020

“ What Neil Simon did with “Plaza Suite,” Kerr Lockhart does with “Shore House”: using a single setting for ten short plays that range from heartfelt closeness to brilliant farce; from blossoming insight to growing up to the trepidations about facing the world. The setting — a rental cabin near an amusement park — is the perfect place for these young men and women to get to know each other and learn things about those they thought they knew all their life but are finding the truth to be beautiful and, sometimes, harsh. A perfect piece for young actors. ” – Philip Middleton Williams, Playwright, winner of Playgroup Festival, FInalist for the City Theatre National Award, National Advisory Board Member of the Inge Festival, and author of “A Comfortable House – Lanford Wilson, Marshall W. Mason and the Circle Repertory Theatre,”

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