The B is for Bullsh!t

by John Mabey

It’s hard to label anything, especially when you’re in love. And everything starts looking queer as one chosen family decides what it truly means to choose each other.
As some battle the pitfalls of coming-out again under a different label, others realize there isn’t an LGBTQIA letter that completely fits at all. But sometimes what matters most is discovering what’s between the letters and celebrating each other along the way.

  • Cast Size: 2M 4W 1NB
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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About the Playwright

John Mabey (he/they) is a writer and storyteller whose plays have been produced on stage in 7 countries and throughout the United States. John lived internationally for a decade in London and Amsterdam before residing in Atlanta and continues to work with theatre companies around the globe both virtually and in-person. They are also a certified Mental Health Counselor and published author on the topics of sexual identity and spirituality in academic books and journals. Awards for full-length plays include the ‘2021 Panowski Playwriting Award,’ the ‘2022 Essential Theatre Playwriting Award,’ and the ‘2022 Getchell New Play Award.’ In 2021 and 2022 they also had plays published in Smith & Kraus ‘Best 10-Minute Plays,’ ‘Best Women’s Monologues,’ and ‘Best Men’s Monologues.’ In 2023, John had multiple monologues published in a volume for gender minority characters as well. When not writing, they enjoy teaching and performing improvised comedy and true storytelling around the world. More about John can be found on their website and on The New Play Exchange.

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Ken Preuss

B is for Bravo!

Brilliantly funny and remarkably moving, The B is for Bullsh!t is an ensemble piece where each performer truly has a chance to shine. Mabey’s play offers an intimate and insightful view of a group of LGBTQIA friends as they look at labels and long for love, finding and redefining themselves along the way. With sparkling dialogue, clever plotting, genuine emotions, and memorable characters, it explores, enlightens, and entertains. Having seen it staged to great success and acclaim, it’s a sure-fire and fun to produce fit for colleges and community theaters alike.

1 year ago
Donald Baker

True to life and technically brilliant

“When I was a young lad just coming out as gay, there were only three letters: GLB. Then T was added. Now in an attempt to be broadly inclusive more have appeared. Even so, as the characters in John Mabey’s wonderful play discover, attempting to pigeonhole our dearest friends, or even ourselves, into that spectrum can be precarious, and acceptance doesn’t come easily. His dialogue is true to life, and its moments of overlapping conversation are technically brilliant. It deserves attention and production.”

1 year ago
Evan Baughfman

A brilliant read!

I loved the dialogue in this play, the questions asked and addressed! Complicated relationships and believable character growth! An excellent script!

5 months ago

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