Ain’t Tina Turner Classical Music

by Linda LaRocque

Reading from a makeshift room in an abandoned warehouse, homeless Ruthie is startled when Flavors, drunk and also homeless, suddenly intrudes. He soon becomes fascinated by Ruthie’s stacks of books and  her refined ways, as she reads him poetry and tells stories about her once upon a time life. A friendship evolves and he softens, as she introduces him to a kinder, more gentle way of life. However, disappointments are on the horizon for both, when Ruthie’s longtime friend Moe, exposes the painful truth to Flavors about her and what she really is. Feeling betrayed, Flavors returns to Ruthie enraged where he unleashes his anger. It is during this powerful scene, that she admits, her stories were all dreams and then asks the question, “ Is it wrong to share a dream? After all without dreams, we are but empty shells.”  

It is then made clear, her fantasy life was the only thing that kept her from falling into her own madness. 

  • Cast Size: 2M 1W
  • Running Time: Under an Hour
  • $50 per performance

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About the Playwright

An award- winning playwright Linda’s numerous plays have been produced in both professional and civic theaters throughout the United States. Her dramatic works are published by Playscripts, Pioneer Drama Service Christian Publishing , Smith and Kraus and Art Age Publishing Company.  She has written numerous short stories for various publications including, Guideposts, Signs of The Times and many of The Chicken Soup for The Soul series. She writes from her home in South Haven, Michigan. 

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