Awesome America!
by Scott Gibson, Diana Howie, Arthur M. Jolly, and Gene Kato

Bryan Maynard and Amanda Baird in The Promise of the Moon from the 2012 Ohana Theatre Company World Premiere of Awesome America! in Houston, TX

Four plays make up the evening of theatre known as AWESOME AMERICA! – giving audiences a glimpse of our country through stories inspired by real-life roadside attractions. In Arthur M. Jolly’s PAST SATURN, we meet a couple whose marriage is on the rocks, a couple hiding an embarrassing secret, a pair of sandals and an unhelpful Park Ranger… what could go wrong on an Alaskan hike in the face of an approaching blizzard? Next, Scott Gibson’s TWO-POINT-FIVE takes us to Four Corners for a spiritual journey of discovery for a group of tourists who happen upon a mysterious woman with a history connecting her to the site. Then, Diana Howie’s heartbreaking THE PROMISE OF THE MOON takes us to the exotic Coral Castle in Florida in which a man builds his fortress one block at a time in order to win the heart of his true love in Europe. Finally, Gene Kato’s PERSPECTIVES ON THE JOHN takes us to the Toilet Seat Museum in San Antonio, TX where two teenagers, a toilet seat, six strangers, and a clump of mud cause an examination of the true nature of art.  The plays may be performed together or licensed independently!!!

Cast Size: Flexible
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $60 per performance, $25 for each play when produced independently

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