BAKER’S DOZEN : 13 Gay Plays and Monologues

by Donald E. Baker

Baker’s Dozen is a collection of 13 short comedies and dramas for 1, 2, or 3 actors of various ages. From a drama in which the same-sex partner and the homophobic sister of a dying man meet for the first time, to a comedy about a man summoning a demon on a dating app; from a monologue in which a man recalls the sexual abuse he suffered when he was thirteen, to the gentle humor of an older gay couple bickering about aging and flirtatious baristas—these pieces—and more—demonstrate the great variety of the gay experience.

  • Cast Size: Flexible
  • Running Time: Variable
  • Royalty Rate: $75 for the whole evening, Contact for individual pieces

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About the Playwright

Donald E. Baker’s work falls into three categories: plays about historical events that provide context for today’s social and political issues; plays about racism and homophobia; and plays illustrating the life and experience of older gay men. His work has been performed throughout the United States. Next Stage Press has published two of his full-length plays,Trade With Klan and Grand Dragon in Power, and his collection Baker’s Dozen: 13 Gay Plays and Monologues. His work has appeared online in some scripts literary magazine and online and in print in Fresh Words: An International Literary Magazine and the anthology Monologues by LGBTQIA+ Scriptwriters for LGBTQIA+ ActorsHis webpage is

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Jarred Corona

A Filling and Delicious Trip to the Bakery

The title isn’t the only clever way this collection of shorts and monologues are arranged. Baker carefully crafts the order for moments of levity and hope to break up the pain and tragedy. Of course, it’s that same lightness that makes the coming tragedies strike even harder. My favorite pieces would be “What Happened This Time?” and “Guilt by Association,” the former of which serves as a light and funny midpoint and the latter which ties it all together, combining the tragic with hope, almost using that hope as both a dessert and a punch. An excellent collection.

12 months ago
Evan Baughfman

13 Amazing Stories!

A terrific collection of shorts, full of great dialogue and powerful themes! A truly captivating mix of comedy and drama. Some pieces bring the laughs, while others deliver a bit of tragedy- but all stand on their own as stories worth telling. Overall, a work of art that educates as well as entertains!

10 months ago

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