The Brothers Pig (4 characters. Flexible casting)

The Brothers Grimm story gets an interactive retelling in this compact version of the traditional story of the Three Little Pigs. Forrest, Rind, and Hamlet have left home and are ready to start life anew by building their own houses. However, when the Big Bad Wolf comes calling, the pigs are forced to flee for their lives as their homes made of butter, twigs, and bricks are put to the test.

The Flounder and the Fisherman (1M 1F 1M/F)

When a gentle fisherman takes pity on a wisecracking flounder with magical powers, and sets him free – he is given a chance to live the life he had only dreamed of living. However, his greedy wife might just spoil their opportunity with her desire to have more and more and more…stuff.

  • Running Time: 45 minutes each
  • Royalty Rate: $20 per show per performance or $40 for both shows per performance

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