Child’s Play

by Kevin D. Ferguson

How do you prepare a little girl to slay a dragon? A traumatized child who has stopped speaking is helped by a therapist who struggles to peel back the layers of mistrust by entering the internal world of this little girl to help her confront the dragon that has stolen her voice and now threatens to completely destroy her. 

Cast Size: 3M 5W 1G
Running Time: 2 hrs.
Royalty: $60 per performance
Available for UIL: $40 per performance for contest use. 

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Donald E. Baker

Important play about childhood trauma

This play about the psychological effects of childhood trauma will stick with you. It has a wonderful role for a 10-year-old actress who can express her emotions without speaking, and it would be visually stunning as the dolls in her play therapy sessions come to life. It needs to be produced everywhere.

3 years ago

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