by Robin Rice

Eight one-act dramas and comedies. 

 Bronco Buster. 2M 1F. Sculptor Frederic Remington wants a bronco for a model to capture the spirit of the Wild Wild West. Scruffy cowboy Gabby and caustic horse Betty open his eyes to reality. 

In Transit. 2F. Prickly Jenny is headed to her final rest on an imaginary train. Sweet Jen wants to be friends. Discovery of a mutual love of trains bonds them and Jenny cancels her “trip.” 

Urgent Care. 1M 2F. Sandra and Howard stop at an urgent care to use the facilities. Dunkin Donuts is next door. He’s a sugar addict. They must leave quickly. But receptionist Lulu says Sandra’s toenail fungus needs immediate treatment. Howard mans up and devotion conquers donuts. 

 Roses to Plan. 1M 1F. Sura and Eli cope with her kleptomania together, but todayhemust go to the hospital. She’s petrified she’ll go steal something if left alone. He is willing to cancel the operation, but she devises a plan to deflect her obsession. 

 Between Dollywood and Disney. 1M 1F. Susie can’t deal with Stan’s inability to remember current events. He hates her trove of vacation souvenirs. She confesses she needs them to remember past events. A rose-petal potpourri will help bridge memory gaps.         

Bigger Than Pretend. 2F/M. Wadsworth and Remington are homeless lovers. Rem fishes in a pond the city filled with chemicals so the water would sparkle, but finds everything in the pond has died. Only when Wads wades into the poisonous water does Rem see that one person can actually do something about bad situations.

Squeezing Papayas. 1M 1F. It’s the anniversary of previous dictator of Mexico, José Lopez Portillo, and former porn star Sasha Montenegro. She wants the deed to their mansion, but he won’t fork it over. Finally she aims a knife at her heart. He is defeated. She can’t stand seeing him like that. Both are stripped bare, but love remains and she gets the deed. 

  Escape in a White Toyota. 1M 2F. Chloe plows through a snowstorm with a walker. Resolve speaksher thoughts. Bickford, at various ages, is the memory of Chloe’s abusive, dead husband. She fights to rid herself of his memory andproceed with life. He keeps appearing, blocking her path. Finally she’s strong enough to literally kill his memory.  

  • Cast Size: 7M 12F
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes for the whole evening of plays
  • Royalty Rate: $75 for the whole evening, contact for individual plays

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About the Playwright

ROBIN RICE is a New York City playwright with over 100 works for the stage (including 25 full-length plays). Her plays have been produced world-wide from Off-Broadway to London, Mongolia to Australia. www.RobinRicePlaywright.com

Producers include (in New York City): Ego Actus, New Georges, Emerging Artists, HERE, Lincoln Center Directors Lab, Nylon Fusion, Articulate. Outside of NYC: New Jersey Rep, Looking for Lilith (Louisville, NC), State Theatre of Mongolia, Finborough and Lord Stanley (London), 3Fates (South Africa), OneHeart (Berlin), Teatro del Pueblo (Minneapolis), Broads’ Word (Hollywood), MadLab (OH), Bailiwick (Chicago), Bloomington (IN), Alleyway (Buffalo), BareBones (NC), Two Trees and Flush Ink (Canada), Texas A&M (at Kennedy Center).

Honors include Chambers, American Bard, Kitchen Dog, StageWrite, Mazumdar, Shiner, Karamu House, Moondance, Perishable, Drury, Finborough (UK), Kernodle, Phoenix, Goshen Peace Play. O’Neill (semi-final), Smith, Planet Connections, Barrington and Reverie.

Publishers include Samuel French, Smith & Kraus, Original Works, Next Stage Press, and Blue Moon. Some residencies: Lark, Cleveland Public, Will Geer, Phoenix, Sarah Lawrence, Metropolitan Ensemble, Great Plains, Last Frontier.

Represented by Antonia Brancati for Italian productions.

Memberships include Dramatists Guild, League of Professional Theatre Women, International Centre for Women Playwrights, Manhattan Oracles (founder), 29th Street Playwrights Collective, Shop Talk, Honor Roll! 

Education: Williams, Antioch College, University of Massachusetts, Ramapo.     


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