Fault Lines

by George Sapio

A robbery leads to revelations for three sisters: fragile Stazi, a forensic pathologist who is chronically single; Ginger, who’s “adventurous” past comes back to haunt her; and Theresa, a cigarette-smoking, foul-mouthed nun, who’s always been the stalwart sibling. Add in Ginger’s husband Shawn, whose battered ego and desperate attempt to make it as a chef further complicates matters. Sibling rivalry, pornography, a dead mother who’s still very much a potent presence, a handful of condoms, secret ingredients, and family secrets threaten to tear the sisters apart.

  • Cast Size: 1M 3W
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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About the Playwright

George Sapio is a mid-career playwright, director, producer, actor, and dramaturg. His first break came when my play Ghosts won the Mildred and Albert Panowski Playwriting Award. A later play, Oatmeal and a Cigarettewas awarded Critics’ Pick at the 2008 Cincinnati Fringe. Several of his shorter plays have appeared in “Best of” anthologies.

In response to new playwrights colleagues asking him about his development experiences, he wrote the how-to book Workshopping the New Play: A Guide for Playwrights, Directors, and Dramaturgs (published by Globe Pequot Books). For the past ten years George has produced and hosted the podcast Onstage/Offstage,featuring interviews with theatre professionals from around the world and live readings of new short plays. And because he believed that Ithaca, NY, desperately needed new and exciting theatre blood, he founded and served as the artistic director of the Ithaca Fringe Festival (2013-2017).

Websites: www.gsapio.com; www.onstageoffstage.org;

Find his work on NPX: https://newplayexchange.org/users/785/george-sapio

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