Innocent Thoughts
William Missouri Downs

Arlen Weinberg, a Jewish anthropologist, is called to be an expert witness in a murder trial. The accused: a white police officer. His alleged crime: murdering a black man twenty years ago and burying the bones in the dirt floor beneath his brownstone. When Arlen arrives, he is shocked to find the defense lawyer is black. Ira Altridge is that black lawyer and he is not having a good day. His first expert witness has suddenly resigned from the case giving him only one thin lunch hour to get his new anthropologist up to speed. Soon, the two men discover that they know each other, having both grown up in the same suburb of Chicago. Ira was a gang member who often preyed on Jewish boys, and Arlen was the perfect target. Soon, their childhoods, cultures, and convictions come into conflict. Arlen’s namby pamby liberalism drives Ira nuts, while Arlen begins to question if Ira’s true purpose is to defend his white client. 

Cast Size: 2M
Running Time: 1 hr 40 minutes
Royalty: $60 per performance

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