by Tom Rowan

Fiona Blake is a hot young actress who has just made her debut in a big summer horror movie; Stacy Clifford is a male figure skater headed for Olympic glory. They meet late one night at a Hollywood party, strike up a friendly conversation, and end up sneaking out together—but not without catching the attention of the paparazzi. When the gossip columns turn them into a couple, they decide to play along—in order to cover up the fact that, in reality, both of them are gay. As the lie snowballs, it begins to wreak havoc with their careers, their relationships, and every aspect of their lives. 

Set amidst the neon-colored pop-cultural obsessions of the late 1990s, Kiss and Cry is a romantic comedy with a sharp satiric edge.

  • Cast Size: 3M 3W
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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“The debate enthralls… We care about these detailed, recognizable people… There’s so much in KISS AND CRY that works.”Mark Blankenship, Variety

“Up until its very last scene, KISS AND CRY is a smart, entertaining, timely play. And then in its final moments, it transcends all that and achieves something like lasting greatness… What makes KISS AND CRY so joltingly brilliant is that playwright Tom Rowan avoids the easy way out of his story and focuses instead on what’s genuine, true, and important.”Martin Denton, 

About the Playwright

Tom Rowan is a playwright, author, and director. His produced plays include Kiss and Cry (GLAAD Media Award Nomination), The Second Tosca (45th Street Theatre in NYC; Arvada Center in Colorado), Faye Drummond (productions in San Antonio, Texas, and Long Island City), and The Blue Djinn(Best Short Play in the Fresh Fruit Festival, 2014). Most recently, his David’s Play was seen at the Chain Theatre as part of the 2019 NY Fringe Festival; a monologue from that play isincluded in the book Best Men’s Monologues, 2021 Edition, published by Smith & Kraus. His plays Festivities and The Patterns of Love have recently been seen in online Zoom readings. Tom has held commissions from The Ensemble Studio Theatre and the Maryland Opera Studio, where his libretto for the opera The Young King (composed by Martin Hennessy) was heard in concert in 2017. Tom’s many directing credits include ALittle Night MusicA Midsummer Night’s Dream (Denver Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Director), Landscape of the Body (Westword Award for Best Director), Master Class, and the fortieth anniversary New York production of A Chorus Line(Queens Kudos Awards for Best Director and Best Production of a Musical, 2016). He is the author of the books A Chorus Line FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About Broadway’s Singular Sensation, and Rent FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About Broadway’s Blaze of Glory, both published by Applause Theatre & Cinema Books. More info is available on his website at


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Donald Baker

Fast paced, memorable characters

As one character warns, “Lies come back to haunt you.” The lives of gay figure skater Stacy and lesbian actress Fiona are built on lies, ever greater and more elaborate lies as each strives to excel in their fields. Eventually they realize the closet is a cage and fame is a trap, but how can they escape the tangle webs they’ve woven? This fast-paced play with memorable characters deserves to be produced everywhere.

2 years ago

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