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COMING SOON!! New Plays that will be released in the coming months (Release Date Subject to Change) ALL TITLES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER!!!! JULY 2024 SEPT 2024 OCT 2024 NOV 2024 FEB 2025

7 Character Plays

7 Character Plays ©Sullivan: The Place Where People Come to Die is about the small town of Sullivan, located just outside of the city of Nowhere. Sullivan is odd in that specially themed funeral homes are the only commerce; the mayor is openly crooked; the wealthiest man in town donates his money to build bell […]

6 Character Plays

6 Character Plays A GULAG MOUSE by Arthur M. Jolly Cast Size: 5W, 1MRunning Time: Approx 85 minutesRoyalty: $60 per performance When priveledged and pretty Anastasia is sent to a Siberian gulag for the murder of her abusive husband, her arrival destroys the intricate web of hierarchy, alliance, and treachery among the other four inmates […]

5 Character Plays

5 Character Plays ANGEL’S MICE AND MEN by Cindi Sansone-Braff Cast Size: 2M 3WRunning Time: 90+ minutesRoyalty Rate: $75 per performance This romantic comedy, set in the summer of 1992, features four lonely Long Islanders, each with their own distinct viewpoints about life and love. Angel Ventura, or the Widow Ventura, as her younger sister, […]

4 Character Plays

4 Character Plays THE BEST WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN by Jean Koppen Cast Size: 2M 2WRunning Time: 90+ minutesRoyalty Rate: $75 per performance Joanna is worried about her mother’s failing memory. Margie is concerned about her daughter’s career and love life. In truth, both are terrified about how they will handle the worst that can […]

1-2 Character Plays

1-2 Character Plays ARCHIPELAGO by Caridad Svich Cast Size: 1M 1W Running Time: 90+ minutes Royalty Rate: $75 per performance A love story. A memory play. A dream play. One person meets another across borders and languages, across time and space. A day in a lifetime. FIVE SQUARE by Mark Ogle Cast Size: 1M 1WRunning […]