A DOLL HOUSE by Henrik Ibsen, Adapted by William Missouri Downs

Cast Size: 3M 3W 2B
Running Time: 2 hrs.
Royalty Rate: $60 per performance

Ibsen’s classic gets a fresh new Two Act adaptation by playwright William Missouri Downs providing an accessible text tailored for a 21st century audience. Nora Helmer finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place as she tries desperately to stave off news that could tear the very fabric of her marriage to her husband Torvald apart at the seams. After borrowing money to pay for her husband’s medical expenses years earlier, Nora now finds her secret teetering on the brink as the unsuspecting Torvald threatens to fire the very man that was financially responsible for his recovery. As the situation goes from bad to worse, Nora is faced with the possibility that her only winning move in this game of chess, might be to leave and abandon security completely.

ERIK: A PLAY ABOUT A PUPPET by John Patrick Bray

Cast Size: 5M 3W
Running Time: 90+ minutes
Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

“Those that create you…are your God.” ERIK: A PLAY ABOUT A PUPPET is a darkly poetic retelling of Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera as seen through the iron bars of a cage in a carnival freak-show, where our perceived truths about beauty and ugliness are stretched in a funhouse mirror. With puppets more twisted than a melodrama mustache (and twice as greasy), ERIK points and laughs at the real freak show: us. 


Cast Size: 8M
Running Time: 2hrs 15min
Royalty: $60 per performance

When Russell Hicks checks into a drug rehabilitation program for his addiction to “cigarettes” he is soon confronted with a truth he does not want to face: His addiction is, at best, a facade – something far worse brought him there. Over a 90 day period, Russell, along with a small group of recovering addicts are held under the thumb of a no-nonsense Pastor and a Drill Sergeant-like program overseer. Each man comes face to face with pressures and challenges they must learn to overcome. When their stories unfold only brotherly bonds and absolute truth will remain.

GALLERY by Scott Gibson

Cast Size: Flexible
Running Time: 2hrs
Royalty: $60 per performance, $15 for each individual play

The four plays that make up Scott Gibson’s GALLERY present a series of chance encounters between neighbors, friends, and even strangers. In CASSANDRA AT 10TH AND ELM, a young woman offers a fellow commuter a friendly warning as they await the arrival of their bus. DEFINITION shows us a robbery gone awry which leads to an unusual hostage situation. THE LAST GOOD DAY centers around a woman coping with devastating loss and finding solace in a most unusual place. THE RUMMAGE SALE asks the question “What do we do with our memories when we’re ready to let them go?” Just as every one of us has random exchanges with people on a daily basis, these are examinations of those “quiet moments” that may seem unremarkable at the time but which leave us, if not changed in some way, at least pondering what happened hours, perhaps days later. 

I KNOW WHAT BOYS WANT by Penny Jackson

Cast Size: 3M 5W
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $60 per performance

Vicky Walker, a sexy senior in a New York City prep school, finds herself the victim of a sex tape that has gone viral. The tape creates an immediate sensation among students and faculty and Vicky is disgraced and gets suspended from school. Her uncom-prehending mother, a former feminist who doesn’t understand the new, ‘show me everything’ attitude of Vicky’s generation, demands that Vicky destroys the phone with the sex footage before it does even more damage. Can Vicky make herself vanish from the Internet? Or will she remain an eternal victim caught in its web?


Cast Size: 4M 4W
Running Time: 90 minutes
Royalty: $60 per performance
The year is 1939. The offices of the Magnopolis Daily News are buzzing over the rumored return of Dr. Kasady, the evil genius intent on global domination. Kasady hasn’t been seen in the city in over 10 years. As the reporters race to get the story, the discover the unassuming shoeshine girl, Rishamie Reid, may know something about where Kasady has been and why he is returning. For Rishamie is no ordinary shoeshine girl. A genetic mutation hasturned her into the Lightning Bug, a super hero who can move faster than the eye can see. When Kasady arrives with his latest plan for global conquest, Rishamie may be the only person who can stop him.


Cast Size: 7W
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $75 per performance

Helen Benedict, the playwright, created these seven monologues from interviews she conducted for her book, THE LONELY SOLDIER: THE PRIVATE WAR OF WOMEN SERVING IN IRAQ (Beacon Press, 2009.) Most of the monologues come from taped interviews, but some are combined with letters the soldiers wrote by e-mail. All are in the actual words of the soldiers. The marching cadences are also all those actually used by soldiers and marines. No words in this play are fictionalized.

ON THE AIR! by Bret Jones

Cast Size: 5M 3W
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $60 per performance

On the Air! is a farce-comedy that is set in New York City in the 1940s during the height of radio theatre. The workers of WLL are excited when the most popular show of the era, The Shroud, brings its cast and crew to their station to broadcast the famous program. When a dark figure dressed in the Shroud’s cloak begins causing havoc, chaos reigns in the station. As others begin cloaking themselves, the confusion and humor run amuck in this tribute to the golden age of radio and to the farce play.


Cast Size: 4M 4W

Running Time: Under an hour

Royalty Rate: $40 per performance

A drama with some comedy. While the characters are all middle school students, The Others Club should be performed by adult actors. A student starts a club for all the kids who feel left out of mainstream society. She gains five diverse members, but they face a huge challenge when two popular bullies decide to join as well — and, under the club’s rules, cannot be prevented. What do we do when our rules don’t protect us? 


Cast Size: 3M 3W 1B 1G

Running Time: 90+ minutes

Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

Earth. The near future. When technology brings the world to the brink of disaster, a new regime decides to dream it all up again: the children. Round Went the Wheel opens in a waiting room, fitting for a play about the nature of time. For David, every second that passes is a frustrating reminder of his lack of purpose in this brave new world. Today is different: he’s invited for a rare interview with the “Boy”, the leader of the retro-revolution. But David’s wife, Eloise, has other plans: she’s pregnant, and a baby in this world will surely be taken. With time running out, will she risk everything to protect her child? Featuring a generation-spanning cast of eight, this dystopian thriller imagines a future built from the pillars of the past. It’s time…to begin again. 


Cast Size: 4M 4W

Running Time: 120+ minutes

Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

This is the story of Lisa Duvall, a rising young operatic soprano who is understudying the great role of Tosca in Puccini’s opera of that name. Set backstage at Opera California, the play provides a rare and fascinating view into the hothouse world of opera. A controlling conductor-fiancé, a legendary diva, a starstruck young composer, a sarcastic gay brother, and a singing ghost are just some of the colorful characters who add to the chaos of Lisa’s life, as she struggles to come to grips with the daunting role and hopefully earn her first contract at the Met.  

SPACE TEAM GO! by Sawyer Quinn Brown

Cast Size: 1F 1M 1NB 5M/F

Running Time: 90+ minutes

Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

Space Leader Grizelda Braithwaite, Space First Officer Keem, and Space Officer Expendable are sent on a dangerous mission to recover a space diplomat – or is he a space prince? – from his kidnapping by the Big Dipper Syndicate. Along the way they encounter any number of obstacles, hula hoops, and also bananas. Many, many bananas. This outer-space comedy is loosely based on a certain beloved 50+-year-old sci-fi franchise.

TAKE THE COUCH by Connie Schindewolf

As Natalie and Steve return from taking their last child off to college, we see they are not the stereotypical couple suffering from empty nest syndrome.  Steve has rented some X-rated movies to spice up their marriage; however, their plans for the romantic weekend are thwarted by the nonstop visits from their dysfunctional family members, and this makes for a hilarious romp of a weekend.

  • Cast Size: 3M 5W 
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance
  • THE TERRY STINGER SHOW by Carlos Perez
  • Cast Size: 4M 4W
  • Running Time: 30 minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $40 per performance

Talk shows abound in today’s media, but did you know they also existed in the Elizabethan period? No? Then travel back in time to the Globe Theatre with this production of The Terry Stinger Showto meet the great Terry Stinger, talk host extraordinaire, who welcomes members of the feuding families, the Capulets, and the Montagues. Watch as we learn of their family secrets, including the special one that only Romeo and Juliet know about, and then watch the sparks fly, especially when, Ethyl, Romeo’s secret lover appears; I bet you never heard about her? And let’s not forget the ever-present, period correct, commercials that are offered, yes, even back then, to help in financially supporting the show. The Terry Stinger Show is a parodic take on today’s talk shows set in the Elizabethan period. You know Shakespeare would have done this if he’d thought of it. And who knows, maybe he did?


Cast Size: 7M 1W
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $60 per performance

New York City. 1993. Twenty five years to the week after the shooting of Dr. Martin Luther King. Racial conflicts are erupting all over the streets of NY. Mickey, an idealistic, white, Columbia student,meets Lorraine, a beautiful, black, aspiring writer, who’s spent all her life in Harlem. Despite enmity on both sides (Mickey’s cousin Ryan, also at Columbia, harbors strong racial resentment; as does Lorraine’sbrother Mercy, and her recent ex-boyfriend Danny). Mickey and Lorraine begin a deep and passionate romance, which unhinges the volatile Danny. Tensions deepen even further when Ryan discovers that his brother Scottie’s watches (Scottie was killed in a racial incident out in Brooklyn) are missing. Believing that Danny stole the watches, Ryan grabs a gun and races off into the Harlem night. He arrives at Mercy’s apartment at exactly the same time that the enraged Danny has confronted Mickey and Lorraine. Domestic and social tensions explode simultaneously in this brilliant, award-winning drama.

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