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A Tree Grows in Longmont

A TREE GROWS IN LONGMONT AND OTHER PLAYS ABOUT ALLEN by Philip Middleton Williams A Tree Grows in Longmont: A year after Allen’s death, Philip visits the park in Longmont, Colorado, where a tree has been planted in his memory. There he meets with Allen’s spirit, and they remember their life together. Allen’s Big Adventure: […]

Cooler Near the Lake

COOLER NEAR THE LAKE by Philip Middleton Williams Sam and Frank Weaver are at their summer home in Harbor Grove, an exclusive resort community on the shores of Grand Traverse Bay in Michigan, for a memorial service for Ruth, Frank’s wife and Sam’s mother. They are joined by Greg and Janey Anderson and their son […]

A House By The Side of the Road

A HOUSE BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD by Philip Middleton Williams A House by the Side of the Road: Clyde and his sons Steve and Dan sit on the back porch on a summer evening listening to the Detroit Tigers play baseball on the radio and learn that you don’t have to play the […]

Extra Innings

Extra Innings: 10 Short Plays About Baseball by D.S. Burrows, Rand Higbee, Greg Lam, Mildred Lewis, Tom Moran, Dominica Plummer, Adam Seidel, Bryan Stubbles, Ron West, and Philip Middleton Williams  Baseball is our national pastime, so why should the fun stop when the season does? When the weather gets too rough to play outside, head […]

The Sugar Ridge Rag

THE SUGAR RIDGE RAG by Philip Middleton Williams Dave and Pete Granger, age 17, are twin brothers in rural Ohio in 1970. Dave enlists in the Army as a combat medic and is sent to Vietnam.  Pete, a piano prodigy and gay, goes to Canada to pursue his education in music and avoids the draft. […]

All Together Now

ALL TOGETHER NOW by Philip Middleton Williams Paul and Adam are a gay couple living together happily in Miami.  One morning the doorbell rings and in walks Fox, age 15, just off the plane from Santa Fe.  He tells them that he is Paul’s son and that he wants to live with them. To share in this […]

Can’t Live Without You

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU by Philip Middleton Williams Donny is a successful writer of romance novels living in the Florida Keys with his girlfriend, Anna, a successful realtor.  Both have what they think is their dream life.  To make things even better, Donny’s agent Barbara arrives to offer him more money by turning his bodice-rippers into made-for-TV […]

Dark Twist

Dark Twist by Philip Middleton Williams Dark Twist is a drama about coming to terms with the past. Set at an all-boys boarding school in New England – a school not only steeped in tradition, but also in illicit scandals and harrowing secrets – Richard Barlow and Jeff Arnold, former classmates and now teachers, meet […]

Shore House

Shore House by Kerr Lockhart SHORE HOUSE, a suite of 10 short plays set in a resort cabin, the kind that high school seniors rent after the prom or graduation. A play for and about young people on the cusp of their new life, plays about moving on and growing up — who will and who […]

10+ Character Plays

10+ Character Plays 9-1-1 WHAT’S YOUR EMERGENCY: THE VERDICT by Jovelyn Richards Cast Size: Flexible Casting Running Time: 90+ minutes Royalty Rate: $75 per performance Are 9-1-1 calls against black and brown people hate crimes? The verdict of “Guilty” or “Not Guilty” rests in the hands of the jurors. On the eve of the court’s […]