Teenage Mutant Ninja Orphans

by Grizzly K. Sunshine

Laser scenes! Volcanic eruptions! Poisonous bees! Teenage Mutant Ninja Orphans is a brand new, two-act drama by Off-Broadway playwright Grizzly K. Sunshine. TMNO tells the story of Dallas and his tattered, orphan gang in the 1980s. One stormy Halloween night, this rag-tag team joins forces to steal the famous Paradise Emerald for the Hawaiian Mafia, a family that they think will always protect them. This play is meant to teach kids, who might not be in the best situation, to find a way to bloom where they are planted. TMNO features a multi-lingual component and its recommended audience age (10+). Fair warning, this show is high in spectacle! It is filled with unique challenges for your cast AND your crew! Turtle Power!!!

  • Cast Size: MALE: 6-8; FEMALE: 5-8; M/F: 6-8; TOTAL: 17+
  • Running Time: 90 minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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