by Greg Hatfield

The Cabots Comedies: One Act Plays featuring the First Family of the American Theater are four plays that represent the time on stage of the Cabot Family, a theatrical family dynasty. Beginning in 1926, when young Virginia Fleming and her sisters are performing the classics in what was called “tent shows” throughout the country. There, Virginia meets Charles Cabot, himself part of a family of actors, who comes to impact Virginia’s life. The next stage in the Cabots’ story takes place in 1950, when John Charles Cabot, Virginia’s son and acclaimed actor in his own right, discovers a valued treasure is missing and goes to seek retribution. He is aided by his mother, his sister, Veronica, (who is just beginning her acting career) and her friend. That next year, Jack finds himself at a casting call at MGM with two other actors who can match his own egotistical level of talent. Finally, Jack, Veronica, and their youngest brother, Monty gather for the funeral of the world’s greatest Shakespearean actor and reflect on their own mortality and fame. These plays feature brilliant roles for men and women and are witty, smart and represent a pocket of theatrical history that will never be repeated.

  • Cast Size: 3M 3W, 2M 2W, 3M, 2M 1W (Character Breakdown for individual Plays)
  • Running Time: Variable, 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 for the Whole evening, Contact for individual Shows

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About the Playwright

Greg Hatfield is an international playwright and director from Cincinnati, Ohio in the U.S., whose plays have been called “sophisticated”, “stylish and enchanting”, “uniquely entertaining”, and, thankfully, “funny”.

A member of the Dramatists Guild, his plays have been performed across the USA for theater festivals, Zoom productions, radio adaptations and, most recently, in London, England. Greg is also a theater history buff and counts Kaufman and Hart and Noel Coward among his influences.

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