by Jonathan Leaf

It’s 1842 in Paris. Germany’s most famous living poet, Heinrich Heine, is living there in exile. When he goes to meet his cousin and little-known friend Karl Marx, he manages to save Marx’s daughter’s life. But Heine then watches as the police arrive to arrest his cousin for seditious activities. Heine promises to help Marx gain his release. That requires Heine to visit his influential mistress Madame Morisot — just as he plans to break things off with her and marry a pretty young shopgirl. Soon afterwards both Heine and Marx are challenged to duels. Based on actual events, The Germans In Paris tellsthe astonishing, adventure-filled true story of how a brilliant poet came to foresee the horrors of the twentieth century through his close acquaintance with Communism’s founding father.

  • Cast Size: 5M 3W
  • Running Time 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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