The Lightning Bug
Rand Higbee

The year is 1939. The offices of the Magnopolis Daily News are buzzing over the rumored return of Dr. Kasady, the evil genius intent on global domination. Kasady hasn’t been seen in the city in over 10 years. As the reporters race to get the story, the discover the unassuming shoeshine girl, Rishamie Reid, may know something about where Kasady has been and why he is returning. For Rishamie is no ordinary shoeshine girl. A genetic mutation hasturned her into the Lightning Bug, a super hero who can move faster than the eye can see. When Kasady arrives with his latest plan for global conquest, Rishamie may be the only person who can stop him.

Cast Size: 
Running Time: 90 minutes
Royalty: $60 per per formance

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