The Other Side of the Sky
Kevin D. Ferguson

Colin Gallagher, Milla Blackwelder, and Austin Dare in a scene from the 2019 Atlantic Stage production in Myrtle Beach, SC.    
Photo Credit: Tsunami Photography     

How do you know your purpose in life?

When Maggie asked for guidance from the other side of the sky, she didn’t think she’d really get it. Or when she did, that it would be more confusing than ever before. With a best friend, a boyfriend, and now the Mother of God all offering advice, what on Earth or in Heaven is Maggie going to do?

Cast Size: 3M 1W
Running Time: 90 minutes
Royalty: $75 per performance

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Donald E. Baker

Young people, important questions.

I saw the excellent production of this play at Atlantic Stage in Myrtle Beach. It was a gentle reminder to an old fogy like me that we face some of life’s most important questions when we’re in our twenties. How do I find my place in the world? How do I give my life meaning? Does God have a plan for me? Is the person I care about really the one I want to be with forever? It is a perfect vehicle for college-age actors who might easily recognize themselves in Kevin Ferguson’s four characters—Maggie, her gay best friend, and their respective boyfriends. Ferguson handles their quests for answers with sensitivity and compassion. As an audience member you will care about these young people and dare to hope the decisions they make are the right ones for them. Oh, and be warned. You will want to go out for ice cream afterwards.

2 years ago

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