The Terrible Experiment of Jonathan Fish, A Musical Extravaganza

(from which most of the music has been canceled) 

By Carol Wolf

The Terrible Experiment of Jonathan Fish is a powerful, passionate, deeply dramatic feminist manifesto, except that it was hijacked by the stage manager, who fired the orchestra and the chorus, hired starlet Candace Lord to play the lead, and rewrote the play so that he could make love to her on stage. Now, it’s a comedy. Set in a mythical country called America, shortly after Darwin, Mr. Fish, betrayed by his wife, raises his daughter to be his companion, teaching her that there are three sexes, men, women, and girls. When Fish is murdered by the ghost of his dead wife, Amelia has to deal with a world that is not as she expected. And so does Candace Lord.

  • Cast Size: 4M 3W 1Musician
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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About the Playwright

Carol Wolf’s plays have been seen on both coasts and five continents; The Terrible Experiment of Jonathan Fish has been produced in New York, and Los Angeles; The Thousandth Night (LA Drama Critic’s Circle Award, Bay Area Theatre Critic’s Circle Award, London Fringe First) was translated into French and performed at the Avignon Theatre Festival in France in 2019. Dr. Rowan, the Demon, and Love premiered in 2019, Cymbeline, Simplified! or The Queens Cookies, The Place in the Woods, and Daughter of France, all received developmental readings at The Pear Theatre. She is the author of five novels, has produced and directed three feature films, and is the author of Playwriting: The Merciless Craft; Comprehensive Techniques for Mastering Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Playwriting, #4 on the list of Book Authority’s Best Playwriting Books of All Time. Her work can be found at

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