Fear Pressure and The Dodo Challenge

by Evan Baughfman


The Story: A trio of high school girls sneaks into a R-rated movie, and each one’s moral character is challenged by the experience.

  • Cast Size: 1M 3F
  • Running Time: 20 minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $20 per performance


The Story: To “impress” her followers on social media, Xavia, a teenage girl, sneaks into the morgue to participate in “The Dodo Challenge,” an online dare to take a selfie next to a dead body. Unfortunately for Xavia, a dissatisfied spirit follows her home…

  • Cast Size: 12 (Flexible casting)
  • Running Time: 30 minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $20 per performance

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Evan Baughfman works in a very scary place: a middle school! (He’s a teacher.) He writes all genres, but horror is where he’s most comfortable. His horror fiction has been published in numerous anthologies, including various titles from Black Hare Press and Blood Song Books. Evan has penned a collection of 13 short scary stories titled THE EMACIATED MAN AND OTHER TERRIFYING TALES FROM POE MIDDLE SCHOOL, published by Thurston Howl Publications. 

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Andra Hunter

Fun and Spooky Shows with a Lesson!

I recently read Fear Pressure and The Dodo Challenge, and I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed these engaging pieces! Both are spooky in plot and atmosphere. And it’s pretty scary to think about all that teens in today’s world have to navigate in social media and social situations, which is the core of both works! Great plays that would be highly produceable and fun for cast and audience!

3 years ago

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