On the Expectations of White Christmases

by Brian C. Petti

THE STORY: On the Expectation of White Christmases takes place in 1975 suburban New York from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day.  It tells the story of Mary, an 11-year old girl who is waiting for her long-estranged father to show up for a Christmas dinner reconciliation.  Mary lives (quite uncomfortably) in her Irish grandparents’ house with her mother Katherine.  Her Nana, the unquestioned authority in her home, is decidedly against the prospect of hosting a dinner for the man who abandoned her daughter and pulls no punches in letting Mary know exactly what she thinks of him.  Mary waits fruitlessly for her father’s arrival with her promised bike, but dinner and the rest of the night go by. When the father finally appears drunk at 3 in the morning, the entire family is forced to confront very real Christmas ghosts.With equal parts humor and pathos, On the Expectation of White Christmases explores the trials of familial love, hope and redemption. 

Cast Size: 2M 4W 1G
Running Time: 90 minutes
Royalty: $75 per performance

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